Are you Diabetic? 6 Body Part’s Sign of High Blood Sugar

Diabetes is an increasing health problem in India, resulting in several other diseases. Common symptoms of a high blood sugar level are an urge to pee frequently, increased thirst, tiredness, blurred vision, and unintentional weight loss. What’s more, neglecting to manage the high blood sugar levels can often be life-threatening. You must be concerned if you find any symptom from your body parts to signal a high blood sugar levels. 


High blood sugar levels in your body can affect the blood vessels in the retina. As a result, you can experience eye-related problems like blurry vision, cataracts, and glaucoma. What is more concern, a high blood sugar level can even lead to diabetic retinopathy? Diabetic retinopathy affects the retina, the light-sensitive layer at the back of the human eye. If it is not treated in time, it can lead to vision loss and blindness. 


Diabetes can affect your feet just like other body parts. A high blood sugar level can affect your feet in two ways. Excessive blood sugar levels can affect the sensation level of your feet, and as a result, you will not find any sensation in your feet. Also, diabetes can affect the blood circulation level in your feet, and you might experience slow healing of infections on your feet. Over time, the infection can even lead to amputation.


Kidneys are among the most vital body organs in humans. The organs help to filter the toxins and waste from your body. The tiny blood vessels in the kidney help the organ to function smoothly. A high blood sugar level can cause diabetic kidney disease. In medical terms, it is called diabetic nephropathy. 


High blood sugar levels can cause nerve damage called diabetic neuropathy. It is a severe nerve disease in diabetic patients. The common symptoms of the disease are severe joint pain and temperature, severe cramps in nerves, extreme sensitivity to touch, and foot ulcers & infections. 

Heart and Blood Vessels

High blood sugar levels can cause severe cardiovascular complications. Diabetic patients are at a high risk of stroke and heart disease. Also, these patients are at a high risk of other diseases. 


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