Biden Concerned Over Vladimir Putin Plans to Drop Nukes in Belarus

The president of The United States, Joe Biden, proceeded to talk about the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin plans to deploy nuclear in Belarus, stating that these are extremely “dangerous” talks.

In a news statement released amongst the reporters in the White House, President Biden stated that this kind of talk is dangerous and problematic.

To shed some more light on the situation, the leader of the Kremlin announced on Saturday, the 25th of March, that he’s made plans to deploy Tactical Nuclear class weapons in the neighboring country of Belarus, which will be used in operation led by an authoritarian leader going by the name of Alexander Lukashenko, a very close ally of Russia hinting towards Vladimir Putin plans.

Biden-led Washington has ultimately condemned the Vladimir Putin Plan, which is the latest in a series of attempts to topple the current pro-Western government of Ukraine, which is a neighbor to Russia and Belarus.

State officials in the United States have confirmed that there has been no movement on Russia’s end to move Nuclear weapons toward Belarus.


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