The Hot Mess that is Bhola (Bhola Film Review)

If you plan on purchasing tickets to watch this new film in cinemas, don’t. The honest opinion is to bypass this film altogether or wait until it reaches OTT platforms to avoid spending hard-earned cash on a film that’ll just end up feeling like a waste of money and resources. This is the Bholaa film review, and things are not looking so great for this new project by Ajay Devgn.

Starting with the Bhola film review, Ajay Devgn produced and headlined the film. The first hour will be rather dull, trying to catch the audience up to speed about the situation, but once you hit the one-hour mark in the film, the action begins. A Leopard is introduced to the screen, and a disclaimer flash state that the Leopard in question is created entirely by CGI as if that wasn’t visible. Then our protagonist, Bholaa, portrayed by Ajay Devgn himself (quite the multitasker, I must add), is shown on screen. He swoops down from a truck, barely does a walk, and the leopard immediately runs away. Ajay’s character is so heroic that a top-of-the-line predator was forced to become a wuss, which isn’t exactly having the desired defect upon the audience, given that it seems more goofy and comical than excellent heroic.

Adding to the Bhola film review, the leopard is part of many additions which differentiate Bholaa from the original film. For those wondering, this new film is a remake of the Tamil hit Kaithi from 2019. Written by the one who is considered to be one of the most exciting action filmmakers in the country, Lokesh Kanagraj. Unlike the cheap copy made by Devgn, Kaithi is more of an experience, an art piece, than a film. It has appropriately distributed its action and drama with long expanses of story build-up and dread. After viewing this film, anyone would realise that there is a certain flair with which Kanagraj has done this project with his leading actor, keeping us on the edge of our seats with the story in the first half while giving the audience the explosive action in the second half, where it makes sense to add.

Comparing Bholaa, there is too much chaos compared to Kaithi’s intricacies. There is no restraint practised by Ajay or his writers, making this film something like Rohit Shetty’s fever dream. This film is like someone trying too hard to impress people they can’t impress at all. It is like the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth” personified, with animals, explosive bike chases at night, and even item numbers. At one point, it starts to look like a love child between KGF and Mad Max, which sounds excellent as a concept. as a thing that is produced, it’s a terrible product. While the idea could have been good, the execution was worse than subpar, which makes this film not worth watching.


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