Amit Shah Talks About How CBI Pressured Him

The Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, has stated that the Central Bureau of Investigation, otherwise known as CBI, has been pressuring him to frame the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, for an alleged fake encounter case in Gujarat during the time the probing agency was interrogating him during the Congress-led UPA government.

On Wednesday, Amit Shah spoke at the News18 Rising India Summit. He recalled the encounter case which was filed against him about Sohrabuddin Sheikh was filed against him when he was the active home minister in the state of Gujarat. At the time, he was responding to a question on the charge placed by the opposition that the Narendra Modi-led government has been wrongly using the central agencies against them.

Amit Shah also talked about the conviction made by Rahul Gandhi in a criminal defamation case in a court in Surat. He stated that the Congress leader is not the only politician convicted by a court and lost their membership in the Legislature.

At the event itself, Shah talked about the incident itself. He told the press that he had been a victim of this wrongdoing and that the Congress party had not filed a corruption case against them. It was an encounter during his tenure as the home minister of Gujarat. A case was consequently filed, and the CBI proceeded to arrest him.

He further stated that during the interrogation, almost 90% of his questions were about why he was getting bothered and that they would stop bugging him should he name Narendra Modi the mastermind. But even after being given that request, he stated that he, alongside his government, did not wear black clothes or stop the functioning of the Parliament. Things went to the extent that an SIT was formed against Modi, which the supreme court dismissed.

Amit Shah stated that during the entirety of the interrogation, he was repeatedly ordered to give them Modi’s name. He said that CBI kept saying ‘Modi ka naam de do’, so he would frame him. Fast forwarding to today, the same Congress party is crying over its fate.

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