Corona Virus Death World Count:Covid 19 Update

The deaths due to Corona Virus are increasing in every part of the world and governments and officials have no clue about stopping this pandemic. This Chart is updated every 24 hours about the deaths and the number of patients increasing due to corona. Refrence: World o meter

[COVID19-WIDGET title_widget=”Worldwide” format=”full” land=”” confirmed_title=”Cases” deaths_title=”Deaths” recovered_title=”Recovered” active_title=”Active” today_cases=”24h” today_deaths=”24h”] [COVID19-ROLL title_widget=”COVID-19: Situation update worldwide” total_title=”Total” confirmed_title=”Cases” deaths_title=”Deaths” recovered_title=”Recovered”] [COVID19-TICKER ticker_title=”???????? भारत” country=”India” style=”horizontal” confirmed_title=”पुष्टि किए गए केस” deaths_title=”मौतें” recovered_title=”ठीक हो गए”]


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