WHO warns to lift lockdown gradually.

The apex health body i.e. the World Health Organization, on Tuesday warned that the imposed lockdowns in various countries around the world cannot be lifted all at once.

With the number of cases of COVID rising continuously with each passing day, the restrictions should not be relaxed abruptly.

With the unavailability of any vaccine, social distancing is the most efficient way to stop the spreading of the virus.

Further, if the lockdowns are lifted too soon then that might pose the threat of a second wave of infections.

There is evidence of the lockdown being effective in curbing the spread of the virus. Research has shown that the total number of infected cases would have been much higher if not for the lockdown. So, people might just have to get used to this new way of life until everything gets back to normal. 

Commenting on this, Dr. Takeshi Kasai, the WHO regional director for the Western Pacific said, “This is not the time to be lax. Instead, we need to ready ourselves for a new way of living for the foreseeable future.”

This warning comes in light of the recent events where various governments across the world are thinking of possible measures to lift the lockdown. The deadly corona virus has disrupted life globally for about four months now and people are longing for things to become normal soon.

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Various global fests like the famous Oktoberfest of Germany are being canceled as precautionary measures to avoid the spreading of the virus. Also in countries like Indonesia, customary traditional trips at the end of the holy month of Ramadan are being canceled amidst the growing threat of COVID.

According to experts such gatherings or travels can lead to a sudden surge in the number of positive cases which will worsen the present situation further.

Whereas on the brighter side, things in South Korea are returning to normalcy. The regular Korean Baseball Organization season is set to start on May 5.

Although, the games will be played in empty stadiums and the players will be asked to follow certain rules. Arrangements for thermal checking will be done and shake-hands, high-fives will be strictly forbidden.


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