Covid-19: Out of 13 positive cases 10 in Odisha connects with Bengal.

On Monday, Odisha recorded 18 coronavirus positive cases, out of which 10 people have travel history to Kolkata. This has made the government take rapid measures to contain the spread of the virus.

This is done by conducting inquiries among people about any travel history to West Bengal within the last 28 days. 

The total positive cases in the state now stand at 79. The earlier detected cases were mostly from Bhubaneswar.

Then on the night of Monday, five people from Balasore were tested positive of the virus. This coastal town is soon becoming a hotspot for COVID infected patients.

The health and family department of Odisha said that 10 workers from Jaipur and Bhadrak districts who have been recently tested positive of the coronavirus. All of them had a history of travel to West Bengal.

They have come back to their native status amidst the ongoing lockdown using small vehicles or goods trains. They further said that of the total infected cases, 24 of them had a history of travel to the neighboring state.

Moreover, the 5 people who were tested positive from the Bhadrak district had crossed the state border between March 28 and April 9.

All of them are aged between 48 years and 66 years and were asymptomatic until their reports came positive on Monday.

On similar lines, five people from Jaipur district, all aged between 28 and 64 years, had returned to the state within the last 28 days. All of them had been working as labourers in Howrah and Burrabazar. 

The district collector of Jaipur has said that one of the infected individuals had traveled along with 5 other people on March 30, while returning from Kolkata.

So now the district collectors have appealed to the people of the neighbouring villages to come forward if they have any travel history in the past few days. He also expressed the fact that the state administration and the police officials can’t look after each village. The spread can only be controlled if the people are willing to cooperate. 

Also, there have been reports of crossing the Odisha-Bengal borders using ambulances. In the light of such events, all modes of passenger services have been suspended temporarily.

But, despite any such measures, the people are using smaller roads connecting the two states to get back to their native houses.

The DGP of Odisha visited the Bengal-Odisha border on Tuesday to inspect the numerous roads connecting the two states. Measures are taken to seal these roads to prevent any further inflow of people.

There are 38 villages in Odisha that share a border with Bengal, and 35 of them are in Balasore district. This is the prime reason for the sudden rise in the number of positive cases in Balasore.

Amidst all this, the youngest COVID infected patient of Orissa is also reported to be from Balasore district. The victim is a 2-year-old tribal girl from Nilagiri block.

The contaminated girl had shown symptoms of the disease a few days back and was taken to the district headquarters hospital. The most concerning matter about this case is that the girl did not have any history of traveling, thereby giving signs of possible local community transfer. 


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