Likely Arrest of Ex-President Donald Trump in New York Hush Money Case

The police department of New York City proceeded to heighten security measures on Monday ahead of a possible historical event, that being Donald Trump arrested over some hush money that was paid to an actress who is part of the adult film industry, with Mr Trump stated that if he is charged, he will be calling for mass demonstrations.

Many supporters of Donald Trump attended a protest in the financial capital of the United States on Monday evening. Currently, a grand jury is conducting an investigation by a district attorney from Manhattan, Alvin Bragg, over a payment made in 2016 to actress Stormy Daniels.

If an indictment is successfully filed, Donald Trump will become the first former or sitting President to be charged with the crime. It is estimated that a move of this magnitude would send shock waves throughout the White House race of 2024, of which Donald Trump is a part, trying to regain office.

Alvin Bragg, an elected Democrat, has not currently confirmed any of his plans on a public level. However, he has placed key witnesses in front of the jury recently and offered Mr Trump the opportunity to testify.

Trump stated over the weekend that he expects to be “arrested” on Tuesday and after protesters protest and take their Nation back. However, his lawyer said the comments were based on media reports and not any new action the prosecutors took.

Some media outlets in the United States stated that the panel could vote to indict when it returns on Wednesday after interviewing the final witness remaining, going by Robert Costello, on Monday itself.

Due to this, the NYPD is completely poised for an unprecedented arrest, in which one could see an Ex-President of the United States being fingerprinted and, quite possibly, handcuffed. So far, the police department has set up multiple barricades outside Bragg’s office and the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue.


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