Vladimir Putin Living with A Girlfriend and Children Secretly in a Palace

The current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has been reportedly living with a girlfriend, who is a gymnast, on a vast estate in the countryside which posts several mentions that could rival palaces and a playground for their children. The gymnast, whose name is Alina Kabaeva, is a 39-year-old Olympic rhythmic champion. She has long been alleged to have connections with Putin himself. The secret Moscow Palace is situated somewhere along Lake Valdai, which is northwest of Moscow, according to an investigative news site based in Russia called “The project”.

The property, which is in the spotlight of controversies, was allegedly purchased by the president for a price of $120 million through a slush fund based in Cyprus. The construction of the estate itself started somewhere around 2020 and was completed in 2 years. The mansion in question is spread across approximately 13,000 square feet and is said to be built completely out of wood and styled to look like a Russian Dacha.

Another report states that some unnamed officials said that there had been children on the premises of the secret Moscow Palace and a few female relatives of Alina Kabaewa herself. Some photographs were released by the site, which showed chairs of gold arranged around a glass table, a chandelier with Golden Leaves hanging from the ceiling and Putin’s bedroom, designed to look more traditional.

The first reports of the Villa were brought to public attention somewhere in 2021 by a team of Alexei Navalny, a jailed Russian opposition leader, claiming that the funds from the budgets were being used to build the aforementioned property. However, both Alina and the Kremlin have denied these reports, stating that they are factually incorrect.

Some unnamed officials attended private parties hosted by Vladimir, stating that they had never seen the two together, but there was no doubt about them being in a relationship.


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