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There appears to be a wave of excitement coursing through every single person who is a fan of Shah Rukh Khan ever since the official announcement was made for the release of the film “Pathaan.” Now that the movie has hit the screen, a group of die-hard fans of Shah Rukh Khan has booked an entire movie hall to view the very first screening of Pathaan for 9 am on January 25th at the Gaiety Galaxy Theatre, otherwise known as G7 Multiplex situated in the Bandra region of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Gaiety Galaxy Theatre, since its inception, has been known to conduct the first screening of any new film either at 12 noon or post 12 pm. But owing to the massive demand of the SRK fans and the fact that this is Shah Rukh Khan’s first film after half a decade, the owners and managers have decided to make a change in the rules this one time. In a statement, Mr. Manoj Desai, The Executive Director of Gaiety Galaxy theatre, confirmed the information saying, “Yes, it is true. SRK fans have booked the entire theatre for the first screening of the film.” he was further questioned about the advance booking situation, to which he responded, “The exhibitors have asked us to start this from Friday, so we will only know about it tomorrow, but for now, only the first show of ‘Pathaan’ has been booked at the Gaiety Galaxy Theatre.”

The film “Pathaan” is directed by Siddarth Anand and is the film that triggers the return of King Khan into the golden world of Bollywood once again. The last official project undertaken by Shah Rukh Khan was the film “Zero,” which was released in the year 2018. The basic premise of the film is that Pathaan, who is a RAW field agent currently exiled, is tasked out of the blue to locate and take down a Syndicate known only as “Outfit X.” They are a private terrorist organization who have nefarious plans of launching a nuclear attack upon India. King Khan is in and plays as Pathaan, who is the male lead, alongside Deepika Padukone, who is playing the role of a spy and the female lead in this film. John Abraham is seen as the main Villain of this movie, which in itself is a rare treat. It has been decided that the film is going to hit the screens on January 25th in Hindi, alongside dubbed versions in Tamil and Telugu.


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