Kundan Singh of Pithoragarh dies in the over flooded rain water under Minto Road bridge in Delhi

Come rains and majority of the roads under the bridges of the national capital territory of Delhi get fully over flooded with rain water to the height of a man posing not only direct threat to human lives but also resulting in the spread of various contagious diseases.

It’s really shocking that government’s come n go but the problem of choking of drains, sewers and other outlets of Delhi especially under the bridges of Delhi are always a problem during monsoons resulting in massive traffic snarls n claiming of lives of the commuters.

Just yesterday a man namely Kundan Singh of Pithoragarh, primarily, driving a tempo was fully submerged in over flooded water under the Shivaji bridge in New Delhi succumbing to suffocation etc.

The issue turned into the war of words of accusations n counter accusations between the BJP, AAP n the Congress blaming each other.

The flood control department which gets tremendous budget in crores lies under the jurisdiction of the Delhi government currently being ruled by vociferous CM Arvind Kejriwal who loses no opportunity to blame his opponents for negligence if any but has no answer in the present case which has claimed the life of Kundan Singh who was earning livelihood for the sustenance of his family by driving n tempo. He left behind a wife n two children.

Indeed shocking that in Delhi peoples’ lives have become so cheap as on the one hand thousands have already died due to dreaded pandemic Coronavirus disease and a poor human being gives up his life due to overflooding during a single rain in Delhi.

AAP has been ruling in Delhi for the last six years, this being its second term but unfortunately the over flooding of the under bridge roads n areas of Delhi are still a huge risk for peoples’ lives during the monsoons with the Delhi government’s flood control department literary doing nothing to clear the outlets n jammed drains, sewers or water exit points despite having massive budgets n getting handsome salaries.

After facing tremendous opposition from the opposition parties viz BJP n Congress n getting negative publicity in newspapers the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal had ordered for immediate action in this regard to clear the Shivaji over bridge of over flooded water with tons of silt etc. After clearing the Shivaji bridge of over flooded silt mixed rain water he posted the picture along with his detailed post expressing his concern n grief over the said demise n trying to satisfy the Delhites about the mess by informing that the needful has been done in this regard.

He explained that since the government is badly entangled in dealing with the Corona virus this matter was over looked n delayed. His Facebook post with the picture of the cleared overflooded water under the Shivaji bridge which claimed the life of Kundan Singh says : The over flooded water from the Minto bridge has been taken out. Was engaged with the concerned agencies since morning n was personally monitoring the logged water clearing job. We are keeping an eye in other several locations as well where the ater have been clogged.

Where ever there is excessive water clogging it is being taken out by pumping. This year every agency whether it’s of MCD or Delhi government are engaged in countering Corona pandemic. Because of Corona they are confronting several problems. This is not the time to accuse each other but to obey our responsibilities earnestly.

Where ever water will be clogged we will take it out. However, he didn’t uttered a single word about the death of a man named Kundan Singh in his Facebook post.

Meanwhile the Rajya Sabha MP who has recently recovered from Cancer after being admitted in a Mumbai Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital allotted the 35 Lodhi Estate Bungalow of Priyanka Gandhi has spoken to the Delhi LG Anil Baijal and the Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival requesting for allocation of adequate financial compensation to the deceased Kundan Singh’s bereaved family who had left behind two children n a distressed n traumatic wife.

The former councillor n BJP’s Delhi state leader Jagdish Mamgain also expressed his serious concern over the arbitrary tragic death of Kundan Singh in the Minto Road over floods and asked all the concerned departments of Delhi government viz PWD, Flood Control, NDMC n MCD including the Railways to sit together and devise a permanent n credible strategy to resolve this problem once for all, which could not be solved for the last sixty years since the construction of Minto Road Bridge.


Sunil Negi

Sunil Negi is a senior journalist and president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum ( Regd). He usually writes on socio political subjects and have been contributing articles in print media for the last several years. Mr. Sunil Negi had been felicitated by All India Achievers conference's Pride of India and excellence awards apart from several other recognitions. He has translated a book on ecological disaster of Uttarakhand of June 2013 and edited and published two editions of Uttaranchal's Who's Who.

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