CBI Custody of Manish Sisodia Extended

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish, will remain under the custody of CBI for two more days by an extension ruled by the Supreme Court on Saturday. 

The Minister from Aam Aadmi Party, currently under investigation for the Delhi liquor sales policy, which has now been scrapped, has applied for bail once more; before this, Manish Sisodia bail had been denied. His request will once more be considered on Friday.

MK Nagpal, a particular judge, directed The Central Bureau of Investigation to bring the Aam Aadmi Party minister before the court on Monday.

CBI had presented a request to regain custody of Manish Sisodiya for three more days after producing him before the court at the end of his three-day remand, which had been granted previously.

In the bail request, Manish stated that by keeping him in custody, no fruitful purpose would be served, given that all the recoveries about the case have already been made.

After the order was announced, Manish Sisodiya told the court that even though the CBI had been treating him well within the custody, he was repeatedly asked the same questions, which directly or indirectly comes under mental harassment. Due to this, the supreme court asked the CBI not to ask the same questions repeatedly. 

Manish is currently facing allegations of corruption in framing the liquor policy for the national capital to benefit him and his Allies. Thus far, the Liquor Policy has been scrapped after VK Saxena, the Delhi lieutenant governor, brought it to the attention of the CBI.

Sisodiya was arrested by The Central Bureau of Investigation on Sunday, leading to his resignation from the Delhi cabinet on Tuesday. And the day after his arrest, Manish challenged the CBI’s move in the supreme court. But the court, however, stated that he should have gone to the High Court first, after which Mr Sisodiya withdrew his application, stating that he was going to go to the trial court.

The Delhi Police, Central reserve force and even the rapid action force have been deployed in large numbers outside the CBI headquarters.

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