AAP leaders say Kejrival under house arrest with the help of police with regard to farmers call of Bharat Bandh ?

Today is Bharat Bandh, a call given by the 32 farmers organisation in support of their demands to revoke the three agricultural bills enacted by NDA government terming them as anti farmers and pro capitalists and enactment of law on MSP not prepared to relent despite fiverounds of meetings with the union government till yet.

However, there are news reports that prime minister Narendra Modi has while terming this bills as pro farmers ensuring doubling their incomes etc the non BJP opposition parties including three CMs of opposition ruled states giving their fullest support to the agitating farmers viz. Punjab CM Capt Amrinder Singh, Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee and Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival. While during the Bharat Bandh the police authorities and state governments are ensuring maintenance of law and order and farmers’ leaders having issued an appeal to maintain complete peace n traquility not resorting to any pressure tactics to forcibly involve themselves in downing shutters etc there seems to be confrontation between the Centre, Delhi police and the Delhi government n its CM Arvind Kejrival, who AAP leaders alleged has been kept under house arrest by barricading his official residence, not allowing him to move out prestrategically.

The Delhi home and health minister Satyendra Jain and former Delhi minister n outspoken MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj have allegedly accused the Delhi police and the union government of not allowing the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival move out of his house thus keeping him under house arrest especially in the day of the bandh in order to restrict him going to meet the agitating farmers. They said that since the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival had met the peacefully agitating farmers at Singhu border along with his ministers yesterday evening n his returning back home, all the three mayors sat on Dharna outside his house and the Delhi police heavily baricaded the area not allowing him to move out amounting to house arrest. In the series of tweets the Delhi home n heath minister Satyendra Jain and Saurabh Bharadwaj tweeted that the BJP government has reminiscenced of the emergency era.

The Delhi chief minister since his returning back from Singhu border has been house arrested by barticading his house, as a resukt of which neither can he come out of his housenor can anybody meet him said health minister Jain. The outspoken AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj through his tweets asked :

Why is Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival under house arrest while Punjab CM Capt Arvinder Singh is free ?

Sautabh Bharadwaj added : The government knows that CM Arvind Kejrival will definitely come out in support of the agitating farmers during the Bharat Bandh and is not allowing him to move out so that the farming community dosen’t get his support.

This is why he has been blocked by barticading him. Saying that the government is fearful of the farmers but is also so proudy that ot is not fulfilling their genuine demands but instead is busy crushing them and blocking the CM in his house by barricading it fully.

He added that the government is frustrated because the Delhi government has not accorded permission to convert stadiums of Delhi into jails where the farmers would have been jailed in order to crush their democratic peaceful movement tweeted Saurabh Bharadwaj.

pic: tweets CM Delhi Arvind Kejrival


Sunil Negi

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