Viral video shows vendor making “Pitai Paratha”- internet goes gaga

Be it anywhere in North India; parathas are a delicacy that are loved by all. Whether you go to Uttar Pradesh or visit Punjab, parathas are the staple food in every single household. However, the best thing about parathas is that the experimentation capabilities of this particular food item are limitless; we can have a normal paratha or a lachha paratha, or even a Stuffed Paratha; the stuffing can easily range from potatoes to paneer and even gobhi. Recently a video surfaced showcasing a very interesting and original idea of a new kind of paratha nicknamed the “pitai paratha.” An Instagram account under the username of “@foodfatafat” posted a video of a person making a paratha in this unique manner and called it up a pitai paratha.

What happened in this clip was that the creator of this invention would make an ordinary paratha and then beat it with all his might. When he was asked about it, he said that he beats this paratha so much that it becomes softer and fluffier. As per the person behind the account @foodfatafat, this particular vendor operates through a stall located in Calcutta, West Bengal. 

From the time this video was uploaded, it has amassed well over 38 million views, Well over 832000 likes and thousands of comments From viewers who experienced emotions ranging from utter shock and disbelief to outright laughter. After looking at the man mercilessly bludgeon a paratha into submission. The comments mostly share the viewer’s perspective on the video, most of which included jokes pertaining to the clip. Some of the best ones were:

“Kindly do not play with your food.”

“Someone call the bread police; a paratha has been assaulted and murdered.”


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