I want justice Papa, said the girl before succumbing to the grievous injuries

She was a brave girl, my innocent daughter who said to me Papa mujhe insaaf chahiye , these were the words of a grief stricken anguished father of the rape deceased of Hathras in tears while talking to a reporter.

Meanwhile the Special Investigation Team of Uttar Pradesh has commenced their investigation in this case talking to the aggrieved family members n other witnesses in order to submit its report within a week. The entire house is full of traumatised relatives n parents of the deceased girl packed with police officials with the media kept at bay.

The postmortom report reveals that there are legature marks on the neck of the Hathras girl with some fractures clearly indicating of her struggle with the culprits who tried to strangulate her. She was also hurt by the blunt object says the report with several injuries. However, the Vicera report is expected in a few days.

On the other hand the Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who’d left for Hathras by car have been stopped by the Uttar Pradesh police at DND flyover n Pari Chowk on way to Hathras. Priyanka Gandhi n Rahul alongwith other Congress leaders , lawmakers n party workers with flags in their hands raising anti government slogans demanding justice have started walking on foot saying that they will go on bikes to reach Hathras by all means. In case we are not allowed further, walking on foot I will go in foot covering 100 kilometres come what may said Priyanka Gandhi to a reporter.

The UP administration has imposed 144 in Hathras n the way leading to this tension prone town with umpteen barricades in the way, after the the brutal incident of gangrape n subsequent death of a twenty year old innocent girl who appealed for due justice before succumbing to grievous injuries at Safdarjung hospital.

Entire Uttar Pradesh is tense with national outrage against four rapes in Uttar Pradesh within four days n subsequent two horrendous death after the heinous crime.

Talking to reporters while walking on foot after having been not allowed to commute in her car angered n furious Priyanka Gandhi criticized the UP government for the incessant rapes in the largest state depriving the poor, traumatic n hapless parents of even conducting the last rites of their daughter. She added: UP Sarkar Puri tarah samvedanheen Hai. The chief minister will have to take the responsibility in him said angered Priyanka while walking under the scorching sun amid slogans by party workers demanding death to the culprits.

The incidents of Hathras, Balrampur, Azamgarh etc have literally shaken the people of the largest state n the country said Priyanka.

Currently she n Rahul Gandhi with hundreds of the party workers are walking on foot for Hathras reveal the latest news.

This morning in series of tweets Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi strongly critisized the Uttar Pradesh government n CM Yogi Aditya Nath blaming him and the UP Police as below:

Meanwhile the Congress President Sonia Gandhi posted a video on her twitter handle and expressed her anguish n shock over the Hathras incident even depriving a family of performing their daughter’s last rites as per Hindu traditions. The following are the exact words of her in the video:

Bhaiyon aur Behnon, namaskaar,

Aaj desh ke karodon log gusse aur dukh mein hain. Haathras ki masoom ladki ke Saath Jo haivaniyat kee gayi vo hamaare Samaj par eK kalank hai. Main puchna chahati hun, Kya ladki hona gunah hain ? Kya garib Ki ladki hona apradh hai ? Uttar Pradesh Sarkar kya kar rahi thee ? Hafton tak peedit parivaar ki nyay ki pukaar ko suna nahi gaya. Pure maamle ko dabaane ki Koshish Ki gayi. Peedit ladki KO samay par illaj nahi diya gaya? Aaj ek Beti hamaare beech se chali gayi. Main kehna chahati hun Ki Hathras Ki Nirbhaya ki mrityu nahi hui hai, use maar diya gaya hai. Ek nishthur Sarkar dwara, uske prasashan dwara, Uttar Pradesh Sarkar Ki upeksha dwara. Jab vah Jinda thee uski sunvayi Nahi hui, uski Raksha nahi hui. Mrityu ke bayad use apni Ghar Ki Mitti aur haldi bhi nahi naseeb hone di gayi. Use, uske parivaar ko saumpa nahi gaya . Apni roti bilakhti maa ko bhi akhribaar apni Beti ko bidaa Nahi karne Diya Gaya . Yeh ghor Paap Hai. Jor zabardasti karke ladki Ki lassh jalaa di gayi. Marne ke baad bhi insaan ki ek garima Hoti Hai . Hindu dharam bhi iske baare mein ye kehta Hai magar us bachi ko police Ki taakat ki vajah se jor jabardasti jalaa Diya gaya. Ye kaisaa nyay hai ? Ye kaisee Sarkar Hai ? Aapko lagta hai ki aap kuch bhi kar lenge aur desh dekhta rahega? Bilkul Nahi, desh bolega, AAPKE anyay ke khilaaf. Main Congress party Ki taraf se Hathras ke pidit parivar ke liye nyay Ki maang ke saath khadi hun. Bharat sabka desh hai, yahan sabko ijjat Ki zindagi jeene ka adhikaar hai . Sanvidhaan ne hameh ye adhikaar diya hai. Hum Bhajapa ko desh aur samvidhaan ko nahi todne denge, Jai Hind.

Brother’s n sisters,


Today crores of countrymen are in a state of shock and anger. The animalism committed with the innocent girl of Hathras is a blot on our society. I want to ask, is being a girl a guilt ? Is being a daughter of the poor a crime? What was the Uttar Pradesh government doing? The call of the victimsed girl seeking justice was not heard till weeks. There had been an attempt to hide the entire crime. The victim girl was not given treatment in time. Today a daughter has gone away from our midst. I want to say that the Hathras girl has not died but was murdered by a ruthless government, its administration, due to the negligence of Uttar Pradesh’s government. When she was alive, she wasn’t heard, wasn’t protected. After her death she was not even allowed to apply HALDI n Mitti ( mud) of her house. This is a deep sin. The corpse of the girl was burnt by force n pressure. Even after a human death he or she has a dignity. Hindu religion also says so but she was burnt under duress, pressure n force. What type of justice is this ? What type of government is this ? You think you can do whatever you think and the nation will tolerate it. Not at all, the country will speak out against you. I on behalf of Congress party is standing rock solid with the victimsed family to demand due justice. India is the country of each n everyone where everyone has the right to live with dignity. Our constitution has provided us this right. We will not let the BJP break this country and the constitution. JAI HIND.


Sunil Negi

Sunil Negi is a senior journalist and president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum ( Regd). He usually writes on socio political subjects and have been contributing articles in print media for the last several years. Mr. Sunil Negi had been felicitated by All India Achievers conference's Pride of India and excellence awards apart from several other recognitions. He has translated a book on ecological disaster of Uttarakhand of June 2013 and edited and published two editions of Uttaranchal's Who's Who.

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