Will AAP click in Uttarakhand in 2022 elections ?

The Aam Admi Party is trying to establish its strong presence in Uttarakhand politics on the lines of Delhi after its encouraging success outrightly beating the seasoned national political parties viz Congress n BJP which had been ruling Delhi for seven decades undisputedly, turn by turn, with Congress holding a strong foothold for 15 protracted years under Shiela Dikshit’s chief minister ship.

While the saffron party defeated Congress hands down at the centre since 2014, the AAM ADMI PARTY under the charismatic leadership of Arvind Kejrival didn’t allow the BJP gain power in Delhi despite prime minister Narendra Modi’s tremendous charisma and the Hindu wave nationally.

This incessant Delhi victory has encouraged AAM ADMI PARTY , ITS DELHI CM and NATIONAL CONVENOR contemplate seriously about making strong foothold in Uttarakhand where the same two national parties viz Congress and BJP are ruling since the last twenty years, one by one alternatively, taking for granted, that they will rule in this hilly region in the years to come as well, even if it is through the changing pattern after every five years.

This fact has been unambiguously substantiated during the last twenty years after the state came into existence by the very fact that a one time strong regional party “Uttarakhand Kranti Dal”, which had played an extremely significant role in achieving separate hilly state, could not make its presence felt in Uttarakhand’s electoral politics, with its presence hardly being felt, except winning negligible one to four seats since the state’s formation hardly able to deliver to the state’s electorates.

After twenty long years, the inhabitants of Uttarakhand are unfortunately still longing for employment opportunities, better job avenues, upgraded adequate health facilities, quality education and empowerment of women, including massive migration to cities, towns and metropolises and corruption at its peak with the state’s fiscal deficit having reached to staggering Rs 50 thousand crores.

If one goes by the incessant frustration amongst the electorates and their dissatisfaction against the rulers of both Congress n BJP, there is strong possibility of a third political alternative in this Himalayan state, the need being an emergence of a strong force that can do a miracle and relieve the suffering population out of the present crisis.

It seems, AAP’s national convenor Arvind Kejrival has realised the strong urge of the Uttarakhand people to go for a third alternative, especially in view of the fact that the people of the state seemed to have been bored of the stereotype corruption, inefficiencies, deteriorating health, education, industrial sectors compounded with thekedars, builder, illegal mining, liquor and land mafias prospering by leaps and bounds.

The AAM Admi Party has therefore finally made up its mind to encash this vaccum and the saturation point against Congress and BJP, longing for a change.

The Delhi government experiment of free water, cheap electricity, revolutionary improvement in health services and education in government schools, including transparency in governance etc have convinced the Uttarakhand electorates to go for a change, if not fully, at least partially to start with.

After the announcement of the AAP CONVENOR and DELHI CM ARVIND KEJRIVAL that the party has finally decided to contest on all the seats of Uttarakhand assembly in the ensuing elections of the state, the state has witnessed hectic activities in AAP in Uttarakhand with majority of the leaders of various political parties, especially at the local level, joining it with AAP organisation in Uttarakhand gearing up tremendously and strengthening its booth level arrangements at 9000 booths as confirmed by Manish Sisodia, deputy CM Delhi, who is on Uttarakhand’s tour in the Kumaon region in Kashipur etc.

The AAM AADMI PARTY organisation which till few months ago was not so active is today seen prominently active in Uttarakhand with its local workers n leaders holding good number of protest demonstrations, Dharnas and seminars on burning issues, posing a formidable challenge to Congress n BJP, including enticing the minorities of the state who have been the traditional strongholds of the Congress party till now.

The central observers have also been visiting the state and holding regular meetings with its leaders and workers on the pattern of Congress n BJP whose national leaders like Harish Rawat, Devendra Yadav Uttarakhand Congress, central observer, and the national BJP president JP Nadda having recently visited the state to revive their respective organisation.

The Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia is also on a whirlwind tour of Kumaon region, having acknowledged widespread tumultuous reception indicating quite an enthusiasm among the people.

The elections in Uttarakhand are due for 2022 in the initial months and all the three parties Congress, BJP and AAM Admi Party have already started their incessant political meetings, Padyatras and interactions with the electorates.

It may be recalled that in Uttarakhand, BJP and Congress has a formidable presence being the national parties with heavy budget, ideological base and presence of widespread grass root workers.

INFACT AAM ADMI PARTY being a new entrant still lacks its organisational base in the interiors of Uttarakhand which is geographically far stretched and beyond its reach to strengthen the organisation at the lowest levels till 2022.

The electorates of Uttarakhand have been the traditional supporters of Congress n BJP as not third political force could emerge here after the state’s formation two decades ago, leaving no option to opt for a third political force but to chose these two national parties alternatively after every five year, while going for change.

However, after the IT revolution and prevalence of mobile phones at every nook and corner of the state people the electorates have become quite conscious and aware of the daily happenings and the changing political scenerio nationally and at th It is this IT revolution that has now mobilised the electorates of Uttarakhand living in interiors to think for the third political alternative and latest developments suggest that this time in Uttarakhand people have now started to contemplate to go for a third party, if not fully then at least partially.

If AAP really clicks in Uttarakhand the Congress party will be the biggest sufferer say political analysts as the minority vote bank and anti BJP vote which otherwise would go to Congress may be invaded by the AAM Admi Party as happened in Delhi. The BJP vote bank is majorly the vote of majority community, which if explored on communal lines of majoritarianism on issues like Ram Temple etc may in all probability remain intact with it. Let’s see what comes out in 2022 ?


Sunil Negi

Sunil Negi is a senior journalist and president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum ( Regd). He usually writes on socio political subjects and have been contributing articles in print media for the last several years. Mr. Sunil Negi had been felicitated by All India Achievers conference's Pride of India and excellence awards apart from several other recognitions. He has translated a book on ecological disaster of Uttarakhand of June 2013 and edited and published two editions of Uttaranchal's Who's Who.

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