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With the arrival of this winter season, people are getting colder, resulting in an increasing sick rate due to colds. Welcoming winter with warm food and a bonfire is the best combination one enjoys. Our taste bud wants more and more hot soups and warm food. Indians welcome winter by making Gram flour, edible gum, nuts, ghee, and jaggery laddus. It is healthier and delicious too. Healthy tips from Etrending news.

In today’s era, everyone is becoming health conscious, and it’s a good thing. Despite eating anything and regretting it afterwards, it is human nature. Why not move towards healthier and tastier foods? Consuming nutrients in the right amount is required for the body. 

Why not get healthier by grasping the good habits of a balanced diet and starting your day with exercise? Managing daily routine becomes difficult as the days are shorter and nights are longer in winter. But if you start inhabiting good habits, you will only love your day with these activities. Why wait so long to get started?

Let us give it a try and achieve our goals. 

Vitamin C

It’s getting colder day by day. Vitamin C is meant to be a good source to help you fight against the cold. It protects you from getting sick. The best source of Vitamin C is found in guava, kiwi, broccoli, orange, etc. therefore, it is recommended by doctors to consume things fruits daily; good for kids and adults.

Eggs and fishes

Eggs are said to be a good source of protein, zinc, selenium, iron, copper, B6 and B12 and vitamin D. omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin D are found in fishes. Both of them have health benefits resulting in good cholesterol, protection from heart diseases and leading to good vision.

Add zinc to your diet | Healthy Tips

Zinc helps in building a healthier immune system. Deficiency of zinc results in a weak immune system. Lack of zinc causes a lot of problems in the human body. Add nuts, dairy products, meat, seeds, whole grains and dark chocolates to your diet. 

Track your carb

Serotonin levels drop in winter get a drop, and we end up eating more and more. This hormone is responsible for our mood swings. Our body demands more carbs when this hormone is dropped. Anything in excess is dangerous, and so is the case of carbs. Do track carbs consumption for a healthier lifestyle.

Enjoy this winter with a healthier diet, and stay fit and tuned with us for heathly tips.

Happy winters!


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