Vodafone has enticed the customers once again by launching three new caller tune plans

Vodafone has come up with three new prepaid plans under the category of ‘Value Added Services.’ These are not all-rounder plans and therefore does not include calling or internet benefits. These new plans are launched dedicatedly for caller tune lovers. Three plans are for Rs 47, Rs 67, and Rs 78. These are currently launched only in Mumbai circles. 

The first plan is for Rs 47. It offers caller tunes for 28 days. The user can change the caller tune as many times as he or she desires. However, the incoming calls won’t be affected by the expiration of the plan.

The second plan is for Rs. 67. It offers caller tune benefits for 90 days. Within these 90 days, the customer can change the caller tunes multiple times. There are no restrictions on resetting them.

The last plan is for Rs.78. in this plan, the customer can set as many caller tunes as he or she wants. The plan is valid for 89 days.

None of the plans include calling or internet benefits as they are dedicated to caller tunes only. However, the validity of these packs will not affect other services or plans. Vodafone has introduced Rs 95 all-rounder plan too. It includes data, talktime, and voice calling rate waivers.


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