Spike in Covid Cases Across Many States

Alongside the flu outbreak throughout the subcontinent, numbers for covid 19 cases are also noticing a spike, which is concerning as it could mean that a new Omicron variant is behind the reason for this rise in recent times.

On the 12th of March, the country proceeded to report 514 new covid 19 cases, which is currently the highest number over four months, while the number of active cases crept towards 3,809. The states currently seeing a massive onslaught of Coronavirus compared to the others include Telangana, Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat and Delhi.

Even though the overall covid 19 test-positive rate remains towards the 0.5% mark throughout the country, a few districts and states still see an upward rise in the positivity rate.

This massive rise in the covered test positive rate has led the union ministry to issue a letter to all the states on the 11th of March, imploring them to improve their currents related to influenza-like illnesses and severe acute illnesses of the respiratory nature.

Health secretary Rajesh Bhushan stated that even though the number of covid 19 cases has decreased substantially over the past few months, this gradual rise in the test positivity rates in certain States is an issue of utmost concern and should be immediately addressed.


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