Rupees 6 Crores Recovered from Karnataka MLA’s House

At the house of a BJP MLA of Karnataka going by the name of Madal Virupakshappa, approximately rupees 6 crores were recovered, which had been stored illegally. This raid was possible because of a trial caught by the Lokayukta (the Anti-Corruption watchdog of the Karnataka Government) Of Pirupakshappa’s son Prashant Madal accepting a bribe of approximately 40 lakh rupees. Because of the arrest of Prashant, an investigation was conducted within the MLA’s residence, where a further six crore rupees were unearthed.

The BJP MLA son, Prashant Madal, was caught red-handed accepting a bribe of 40 lakhs on Thursday. Following his arrest, the Anti-Corruption unit of the Karnataka Government conducted thorough searches at his office and residences. During these investigations, the Lokayukta found Rs 6 crore at the residence of the BJP MLA. The MLA himself will likely be called in for questioning for this corrupt action.

Aside from the bribe of Rs 40 lakh, the Lokayukta also recovered approximately 1.7 crore rupees from Prashant’s office.

Virupakshappa’s son Prashant was caught in the middle of the guilty action by the Lokayukta officials just as he accepted the bribe inside his office.

According to certain reports released by the Lokayukta officials, this entire incident was triggered when a man had registered a complaint against Prashant on Thursday morning, accusing him of accepting bribes.

Acting deftly, the Lokayukta officials laid an elaborate trap and ensnared Prashant in the middle of the deed while he was accepting a bribe of 40 lakh rupees.

When questioned, an official from the Lokayukta stated that they had searched the BJP MLA son’s office and found Rs 1.7 crore. Currently, they suspect that Prashant was accepting bribes at the behest of his father and that they are working towards locating the source of this money they found at his office.


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