Russian Defence ministry n Gamaleya Institute in Moscow complete successful phase 1 n Phase 2 trials of anti Covid vaccine likely to come out in November

While several countries of the world viz USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Brazil, India etc are on the hectic run for discovering the new vaccine for Covid 19 with about 165 companies already in the fray, actively n desperately busy to bring them in the world market in order to provide relief to billions of dreaded pathogen infected patients globally, the Russian defence ministry in collaboration with the state run Gamaleya Institute in Moscow is developing an anti Covid vaccine, the two successful trials of which have been conducted with the third and final trial likely in the month of August.

The Defense ministry of Russia is in a hurry to bring it in the country in the month of November with its supply in other countries of the world as well. Russia is currently having 7, 50,000 cases of dreaded Covid 19 infections n need to deal with the disease effectively.

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This was revealed by in its latest news report. Two trials on human beings have already been conducted which have proved to be successful generating a good immune system with no or negligible side affects.

According to the Bloomberg report the Russian Army is developing a vaccine with the state run Gamaleya Institute in Moscow and the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

After successfully completing the phase 1 n 2 trials, Phase 3 trials of this vaccine, which will include thousands of people in Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are scheduled to begin on August 3 n the distribution of the vaccine could start early as September said RDIF’s chief Kirill Dimitriev last week.

Revealing about the production plans the report says that Russia could make 30 million doses domestically in 2020 n 170 million abroad with five countries expressing interest in producing the vaccine n other willing to produce it according to Dimitriev.

The report further adds that this Vaccine would come out in the month of September as Gamaleya’s programme is on the fastest track than many developers in the West.

ACCORDING TO Dimitriev Russia which has the fourth most Corona virus cases in the world viz 750000 infections, has accelerated the testing process n is funding production even before the vaccine is known to work, amid global race to find defenses against the deadly pandemic that has wrecked economic havoc.

In developed economies, Phase 3 trials typically take months to run in order to better understand a drug’s effectiveness. The report says that scores of Russia’s business n political elite have been given early access to this experimental vaccine against Covid 19, according to the people familiar with the effort, as the country races to be among the first to develop an innoculation.

It may be recalled that Bharat Biotechs Hyderabad n ICMR have in India started trials in AIIMS , New Delhi after its ethics committee cleared the proposal. There are indications of this vaccine coming out in the initial months of 2021 or at the end of this year.

Meanwhile anti Covid 19 vaccine in the final stage namely Astra Zeneca developed by the Oxford University will produce one billion doses, the Human trials for which are set to start in August in India.


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