NePlane Crash: Last Moment In Facebook Live 

The horrific last-moment evidence of the Yeti Airlines plane crash on Sunday has been recovered from a passenger’s cell phone. The cell phone had apparently captured the live moment of the journey just before it crashed on board. The twin-engine ATR 72 aircraft of Yeti Airlines flew off from Kathmandu with 72 people to reach its destination in Pokhara, a major tourist destination in Nepal in the Himalayan range. As reported, at least 68 people have lost their lives in the horrific plane crash. 

The live video of the plane crash is the latest sensation on social media. The video opens up with the inside shots of the plane just before landing, which in a few seconds turns into a topsy-turvy moment. Suddenly, after a violent explosion sound, the live capture the horrible fire outside and the heart-wrenching voices of the passengers for help. 

However, there is no claimed authenticity for the video. Another video from the Pokhara airport shows the plane’s live progress for landing at the airport. However, just before a few minutes of landing, it slightly tilted to the left. The plane suddenly turned into a ball of fire after becoming upside down. 

As per the reports, there were five Indian passengers from Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, in the fatal aircraft. Sonu Jaiswal was one of them who captured the Facebook Live Video. However, the same video has been found on his FB account unclaimed. 

The former MP of Nepal and Central committee member of the Nepali Congress, Abhishek Pratap Shah, sent the video footage to the reporters. He has reported that he got the video from his friend, who was among the rescue team and had recovered the video from the wreckage. 

Rescue work is still in process, and after the recovery of the plane’s black box, the real cause of the crash will be unveiled to the authorities. Several plane crash lately have become a burning concern for the Himalayan country. Nepal has been on the flight safety blacklist by the European Union since 2013. 

The incident shows the poor condition of the aviation operation in Nepal. The country must look after upgrading the aviation system keeping safety concerns on the highest priority.

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