Lucky Ali divorced with 3 wives, lives in Mangalore with his vedio of “O Sanam” going viral in social media

The music composer, lyricist and singer of the nineties, quite popular among his millions of fans and son of Veteran comedian actor Mehmood Ali, Lucky Ali these days has emerged in social media again after a gap of more than two decades with a vedio of a song O Sanam going viral in social media with news in electronic channels and print media also highlighting his past achievements as a pop singing star.

Having born in Kanpur in 1958, sixty two year old Lucky Ali is seen in white beard and comparatively frail has shocked his fans after his sudden appearence in social media after such a protracted absence from Bollywood almost in oblivion for years together, a super singng star during nineties.

These days living in Bangalore his vedio of O Sanam posted in Instagram and Twitter has elicited tremendous response from his fans reminiscing his rock singing star status of the nineties and praising him to the hilt but also worried about his sudden disapearence into oblivion from Bollywood since more than two decades.

By nature a nomadic recluse Lucky Ali has to his credit several super hit songs during the nineties creating quite a name in Bollywood n among his million of fans as below.

Lucky Ali married three women of foreign origin in his life as he believed that according to his religion he is entitled for four marriages. Not able to continued his smooth relationship with all his wives, Lucky Ali lead a life of a nomadic recluse since beginning despite his outstanding talent as a music composer and a melodious singer making a special mark during the nineties till 2002 in Bollywood which can be gauged from the fact that hundreds of his die hard fans who responded to his vedio in social media spoke very high of him even today after he grew old at 62 while briefly singing a song O Sanam in his recent vedio.

Tariq Ali was married to three women one of British origin and other from Persia n the first an Indian. However, he was divorced with all the three wives later on with today he being alone in Mangalore with his grown up children leading a sort of secluded life. Tariq used to say that he is entitled to marry four women as per his religion. Tariq had five children with all the three wives. with first wife he has two children namely – Ta’awwuz and Tasmiyah. His second wife is Inaya (Anahita, a Persian he had another two namely Sara and Raiyan. He married for the third time in 2010 to a British model and former beauty queen, indeed beautiful with a charming personality Kate Elizabeth Hallam who he got divorced with in the year 2017. The couple have a son named Dani Maqsood Ali.

According to Wikipedia , Ali and his father shared a tempestuous relationship. Mehmood Ali was a very busy actor in the 1960s and 70s, and remained away from home for his shoots. Once, around the age of four when Ali first returned from boarding school, Mehmood and the entire family had come to receive Ali after 10 months in boarding school, at the airport. Ali did not recognise his father, but on seeing him said, “He’s the film comedian Mehmood!” Ali lived away from his family in a boarding school in Dehradun, Mussourie. Ali’s tryst with maijuana led Mehmood to write the script of the movie Dushman Duniya Ka (Enemy of the World). The movie stars Ali’s youngest brother, Manzoor. It is the story of the drug abuse of a young man called Lucky. In the end, the young man kills his mother, destroys everything around him and is then killed by his father. Ali differed with his father’s vision and did not act in the movie. “I felt the story lacked hope,” he said.However, he sang his first song for the film.

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