How to beat anxiety and stress in a 21-day lock down who are staying away from family?

Due to the lockdown, many people are working in different countries and cities and are away from the family. They have now stuck alone at home for this lockdown period. This lockdown made a massive change in their routine life like going to the office, meeting friends in public places and hanging out with friends and colleagues all these used to entertain has come to a still.

It has led to anxiety and stress in their life. To help them, doctors have set guidelines on how to survive the 21-day lockdown.

Psychologists have recommended simple things to deal with anxiety and stress:

  • To take a lot of breaks
  • Do not take stress when there is a lot of work pressure.
  • Do something which you feel like doing.
  • As you have time, so utilize it by fulfilling your hobbies.
  • Make a habit of creating relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises.
  • Open up with people who are bothering you and fearing you.
  • All are the few techniques that help a person to fight with their anxiety and stress. Because stress and anxiety directly affect health, so it is essential to be gentle with yourself.


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