Haryana HM Anil Vij infected with Covid 19. Was innoculated with Covaxin 2 weeks ago.

The Haryana home n health minister Anil Vij has tested positive for Corona despite his being innoculated by anti Covid 19 vaccine of Hyderabad based Bharat biotech Covaxin under the stage three human trial in Haryana about two week’s ago allegedly raising confusion about the credibility of the Covid 19 Vaccine regarding which the minister has expressed tremendous jubilation and felt proud that this indigionously produced vaccine will give permanent relief to millions of countrymen from dreaded Covid 19.

About 2500 people have been given the Covaxin shots under its third human trial process.

The information regarding his having been infected with Covid 19 has been given by Haryana minister Anil Vij himself through his tweet writing : I have been tested Corona positive. I am admitted in Civil Hospital Ambala Cantt. All those who have come in close contact to me are advised to get themselves tested for Corona tweeted Anil Vij.

The Haryana minister has come forward voluntarily to get innoculated by the Covaxin vaccine just two weeks ago.

He had expressed jubilation and felt proud about the indigenously produced Covid 19 vaccine saying that it will cure our countrymen in the near future providing them complete relief from the ongoing dreaded pandemic.

After being innoculated with the indeginously manufactured anti Covid vaccine candidate Covaxin, the minister had tweeted : Haryana minister Anil Vij becomes the first volunteer of Covid Vaccine trials quoting the NDTV with his pic being innoculated.

About three days ago he had met n even hugged, Baba Ramdev in Chandigarh and released a booklet n Souvenir on Yoga as well, alongwith the chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar. The Patanjali Yog Guru Baba Ramdev was in Chandigarh regarding a meeting with the chief minister ML Khattar, n Health minister Anil Vij three days ago.

Health n Home minister Anil Vij had been meeting the chief minister ML Khattar, his ministerial colleagues and people of the constituency at his personal residence in Ambala Cantt regularly, where he stays giving up the government bungalow.

All those who had met him recently have been advised to get themselves tested for Covid 19.

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