Family members of an employee blame doctors for forcibly innoculating Covid vaccine resulting in his death in Joshimath forcibly

19, January, 2021

There is a sensitive case of a death after being innoculated with Covid 19 vaccine coming from district Chamoli in Uttarakhand. Though in India till yesterday about 98.5 lakh front line Corona warriors and health workers have been innoculated with Covid 19 vaccines viz Covaxin as well as Covishield but in Uttarakhand despite the ongoing programme of the vaccine going on well in all the districts of Uttarakhand there are no fixed statistics about the total vaccine intake. However, latest news report alleged that a person namely Veer Singh working in Joshimath Nagar palika ” town municipality” has died after being innoculated with Covid 19 vaccine.

An angered and anguished family member of the deceased Sohit Kumar has allegedly accused the health authorities of Joshimath in Chamoli district of administering the vaccine forcibly despite Veer Singh refusing to take the vaccine.

He accused the doctors concerned that the vaccine was forcibly injected despite the deceased not wanting to have it resulting in critical degradation of his health and finally meeting the sad end.

According to a news report the vaccine was given to Veer Singh on Wednesday against his wishes but his health condition deteriorated. He was ferried to the Joshimath hospital where his condition worsened further and despite the best efforts of the doctors he could not be revived.

The highly infuriated parents blamed the doctors concerned, for forcibly innoculating the deceased Veer Singh, resulting in deterioration of his health condition and finally succumbing in the hospital.

The dead body has been sent for post mortem to ascertain the exact reason behind Veer Singh’s death though the anguished family members have straightaway accused the health authorities of forcibly giving the vaccine against the wishes of the deceased holding them responsible for his death.

However, the doctor Rajiv Garg has denied any foul play or death due to the vaccine administration as the patient was kept for half and hour of observation after innoculating him with Covid 19 vaccine and was discharged in a normal healthy condition. His condition deteriorated the next day. The postmortem report will finally ascertain the cause of death said the doctor.

This news has created quite a panic among people of Chamoli district which may restrict people to hesitate in getting innoculated say sources. There had been earlier reports of decreasing numbers of vaccine takers in Uttarakhand and other parts of the country though till date about a crore or even more people have been innoculated with Covid 19 vaccine. According to the health ministry report about 32 persons have died after innoculation of Covid 19 vaccines to nearly 99 lakh health workers n front line Corona warriors at the pan India level.

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Sunil Negi

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