Domicile rights for Jammu & Kashmir revised, expanded to 15 years

The renewed domicile rule for the native and migrated inhabitants of Jammu & Kashmir has extended the eligibility criteria to 15 years.  The decision was announced on Tuesday by the Central Government of India. The domicile right is also extended to migrants who are lodged by the Relief and Rehabilitation commissioner.

The amendments will come into force from Tuesday morning itself. In addition to this, any person living in the territory from the past 7 years and had appeared in class 10th or 12th examination is also eligible to gain this right. They can acquire their certificates from their respective Tehsildars. These changes permit people to employ themselves for lower-end government jobs. 

Furthermore, the Central Government officials, including the ones who are employed in public sectors, banks, universities, all the ones that have served the nation for 10 years and their children are entitled to this law. The political parties of Kashmir reprimanded this significant decision. The National Conference claimed it to be “hollow and unacceptable,” whereas the People’s Democratic Party tagged it as “frighteningly ambivalent, irresolute and akin to rubbing salt on people’s wound.” Both the parties tweeted these statements on their official twitter account, which is further condemned by the local inhabitants of the territory.


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