Bharat Biotech clarifies after Haryana minister tests positive for Covid 19 despite the innoculation ofits 1st shot

Two days ago after the Haryana Home and Health minister Anil Vij was contracted with Corona virus despite his being the first volunteer to take the first shot of Covaxin , the indeginously produced anti Covid vaccine by Hydrabad based Bharat Biotech has come out with a clarification that the vaccine is fully efficacious and impactful.

The Haryana minister Anil Vij who was detected with Covid 19 after two weeks of innoculation of Covaxin having volunteered to take its first shot in Haryana under the Bharat Biotech’s third stage human trial process, two weeks ago, has said that he had met a leader infected with Covid 19 in Panipat.

Four days ago he was also seen busy in Chandigarh releasing a booklet n a souvenir with the CM ML Khattar and Patanjali founder Yog Guru Baba Ramdev, whom he had also hugged.

The minister’s revelation made through a tweet about his having been infected with Covid 19 has created quite a sensation as he had taken the anti Covid vaccine, COVAXIN’s first shot just two weeks ago thus raising doubts about the credibility of the first indigenously produced vaccine which was being lauded by one n all. Even the Haryana minister Anil Vij has lauded it and termed it as a great ray of hope for the countrymen.

While clarifying its position and assuring about the efficacy of Covid vaccine COVAXIN, Bharat Biotech tweeted : Covaxin trials are based on a two dose schedule, given 28 days apart. The vaccine efficacy will be determined 2 weeks after the second doze.

In another tweet it wrote: The phase three trial is a double blind study where volunteers have a 50% chance of receiving either vaccine or placebo with hashtags on Covaxin, Bharat biotech, clinical trials and Covid 19.

The company is doing human trials on 26000 people at the pan India level.

Though more than about 150 vaccine candidates are busy globally, working hard n fast to come in the market but few vaccines like Russia’s Sputnik C, China’s Sinovac have already arrived being innoculated. However, India’s Covaxin, UK’s Pfizer, Moderna, Oxford AsteraZeneca Cadilla n few are almost at the final stage likely to be released after getting the registration by UK n US showing 90 to 95% efficacy and positive results.

The United Kingdom has already approved Pfizer’s vaccination for use with United States likely to approve it as well, finally making up its mind.

Moderna has also sought emergency FDA approval for its first doses of a similar type of vaccine.

According to SII release : In India Serum Institute Pune where the prime minister Narendra Modi had visited recently has already announced about its early plans to come in the market with Covishield in collaboration with ICMR and Covovax, ( Novavax).

SII the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer by volume and Indian Council of medical Research had already announced completion of enrolment of phase 3 clinical trials for “Covishield” in India apart from Covaxin of Hyderabad’s Bharat Biotech. ICMR and SSI have further collaborated for clinical development “Covovax, developed by Novavax, USA and upscaled by SII.

There are reports that the vaccine will be in the market within next few months with even prime minister assuring of the vaccine’s early arrival but with a question mark of When, leaving it for scientists to decide n arrive at a definite conclusion ? He also assured that the vaccines will be chief and safe while holding a virtual meeting with the political leaders.

Pic: The news minute n Sarah tew


Sunil Negi

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