Apple Smartwatch features that help monitor one’s heart health

There have been certain pieces of advice pertaining to heart health which has been around for aeons. While that advice certainly stands true even today, more accurate reports and results related to our heart health can be received through the latest technology that is easily available on the market today. Recently, there has been a message inflow of devices that help us keep track of multiple things, which surprisingly also includes general health. Talking about the health aspect, these latest devices, especially the new apple smartwatch, help us keep track of all aspects of our health, be it daily step counts or even the quality of sleep we get. The king of the hill for these devices is hands down, the latest Apple smartwatches. They offer multiple features which help us keep track of our health, right down to our heart health. Listed below are a few features these technology advanced smartwatches have to offer.

Notifications for high and low heartbeat rates:

We all normally, in our daily routine, tend to reach a point when we feel the sensation of our heart racing. This generally implies that our heartbeat rate is excessively high. The Apple Smartwatch tends to monitor the heartbeat rates of an individual constantly. Suppose the heartbeat rates go beyond the limits of 120 BPM or 40 BPM for over 10 minutes. In that case, the user will immediately receive a notification, stating that they should perhaps investigate this matter further.

ECG application:

For those who are not aware, an ECG is a device that is normally used in medical fields. Usually, this device stands to monitor the electrical activity of the heart in order to detect any cardiac problems that may arise down the line. Interestingly, Apple has proceeded to introduce an ECG app which constantly monitors one’s heart for any sort of irregularities that may occur in the normal day-to-day functioning of the heart. Should any abnormalities arise, the SmartWatch will immediately detect this, and then you have the option of presenting your doctor with a PDF report of the findings.

Notifications for irregular heartbeats:

This is a feature that is similar to the high and low heartbeat rate notification system, whereby the wearer of the Smartwatch receives a notification if the Smartwatch detects any irregular heartbeats. Normally, irregular heartbeats are a symptom of Afib (atrial fibrillation), where the upper chambers of the heart 10 to beat out of sync as compared to the lower chambers.


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