Apple is removing old apps from its iPhone app store. Here’s why

Is Apple removing the old application?

According to Apple news 2022, Apple could be tightening down on applications that no longer receive updates. In a screenshotted message issued to impacted developers headed App Improvement Notice, Apple warns that apps that haven’t been updated in a substantial amount of time would be removed from the App Store and offers developers only 30 days to repair them.

By submitting an update for approval within 30 days, you can make this application available for new people to discover & download from the App Store, Apple adds in the email. The application will be removed from the site if no updates are submitted within 30 days.

According to the latest Apple News, Apple will remove old applications from the App Store, but any previously downloaded applications will remain on customers’ devices. Like Protopop Games developer Robert Kabwe, several software developers raised their concerns about the shift earlier this week.

App removals can be appealed to by developers, according to Apple.

And developers, even those who have recently got a notification, will now have up to 90 days to update their programs if necessary.

Furthermore, the apps that will be deleted from the App Store may continue to function on smartphones. “User’s trust in useful apps is the foundation for all we’ve done in establishing and maintaining the App Store”, says the company.

App developers who would like to keep their apps on the App Store can do so by sending an upgrade within 30 days.

“To keep your software on the App Store, you will be required to provide an update within 30 days.”, Says the Company. If the developers cannot make the necessary modifications within this time window, their application will be withdrawn from the App Store unless they submit and approve an update.

Latest iOS updates

Apple’s iOS updates operate like clockwork, with the latest iPhone version released every year since the iPhone’s creation to help improve the user experience.

Apple unveiled the latest iOS operating system, iOS 15, in June 2021, and it was launched on September 20, 2021. iOS 15 includes new capabilities for FaceTime calls, distraction-reduction tools, a unique notification experience, privacy enhancements, and entire redesigns of Weather, Safari, and Maps, among other things.

Apple’s most recent official iOS updates 2022, iOS 15.4, included a lot of much-needed modifications to the notification system.

  • Notifications have been redesigned.
  • “Focus” to eliminate distractions.
  • FaceTime conversations with spatial audio & SharePlay
  • Image text recognition
  • Privacy enhancements
  • ID cards in wallet apps
  • App redesigns for Maps, Safari, Notes, and Weather.


Critics of this regulation claim that phone applications should be available regardless of age, just as old video games are still playable on consoles. Others argue that the regulation is overly harsh on creators and that Apple does not fully value the efforts of the game developers.

Apple’s official reaction is that they banned the apps because “they endangered customers’ privacy and security.” However, the more significant question would be whether Apple’s recent measures exemplify the company exploiting its power in the app ecosystem to destroy rival apps.

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