All You Need To Know About India and The 6G Network

In today’s age of social media, access to the fast Internet has become of supreme importance, irrespective of where we are going. The Internet is necessary in the modern world, with its services expanding from home to the office through video calling, social media, website management, and many other aspects. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently talked about India’s latest technology at the MWC of 2022. And ever since then, telecom companies such as Jio and Airtel have been working non-stop to expand their Telecom network connectivity across the country. But, while the world has been working on 5G Technology, South Korea has reportedly planned to launch a technology ahead of the curve, known as the “6G Network“.

According to the Ministries in India, this particular plan, which will likely cost 481.7 million dollars, is being studied for an R/D project set to be on the core of the 6G Network. The plans aim to assist India in maintaining its leadership position in the global competition for future network infrastructures as the 5G networks work towards meeting the ever-growing demand for lower latency and faster wireless communications.

The 5G technology experienced in India is on Rapid growth throughout the country. As the 5G establishment is accelerating, it is being said that India has now been placed at 10th place in the world with the average mobile speed in January of 2023 after moving from 79th to 69th in December.

According to the connectivity provider and network Intelligence Service Ookla, the subcontinent has increased 2 positions in global rankings for overall average fixed broadband speed, from 81st in December to 79th in January. The overall fixed download speed in India increased from 49.14 Mbps in December to 50.02 Mbps in January. This is good news, given that just a few months back, India was ranked 105th in the world in average mobile speed in November.


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