Air India Man Pees on An Old Lady, Gets Arrested in Bengaluru! 

Allegedly, a 34 years old air india man pees on old lady. For this, a married man, and the father of an 18-year-old daughter has been accused by a 72-year-old woman of Peeing on AI flight  while travelling on 26 November New York Air India flight.

‌Shyam Mishra, the accused’s father is concerned for his son because he couldn’t contact him for a few days; also, this is a huge personal & professional loss. Further, Mishra claimed it as false case allegations against his son Shankar Mishra. He stated it as blackmailing because there is no eyewitness to the situation, so how could one consider it true? 

Later, he said that maybe the lady was not satisfied with the compensation, which is why she filled out the case months before she was ready for settlement. Isn’t it diplomacy? He stated that victim demanded compensation of ₹15000; the amount has been credited to her account, which could be seen via WhatsApp chat between her & Shankar Mishra (accused). 

Her conversations with Mishra were smooth after the situation was held than how come she was okay before & later blamed the crew for forcibly settling & filling a case against them? 

But still, the case has been filled on the allegedly accused Mumbai man because Victim blamed the airline for forcibly trying to compromise between them for the situation held, but she was not ready, she claimed later. Consequently, the Airline banned flying traveling for man & he has also been terminated from his job too. As stated in WhatsApp chats between them, Victim has forgiven the man & asked him to mend his behaviour, then what’s the point of registering a complaint later? The question is whether she’s been forcibly asked for an Agreement by the airline crew or she’s just playing the victim card. Whatever it is, if the accused is not found guilty, who will suffer his loss?

Hence, the Airline stated that they would investigate this situation thoroughly and look into the accused crew, as registered in the complaint by the notable victim.


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