Aam Aadmi Party Says Manish Sisodia kept Hardened Criminals

The Aam Aadmi Party Alleged on Wednesday that Manish Sisodia’s life is endangered by lodging him in jail number 1 of Tihar Jail, which is known to house some of the most dangerous criminals. A spokesperson from Aam Aadmi Party named Saurabh Bhardwaj stated that the BJP-led government had lodged him with the most hardened and dangerous criminals in the Tihar Jail on purpose, which is a clear sign of the government’s dangerous attitude towards its political rivals.

They claim that prisoners in jail number 1 have a recurring history of highly violent incidents and are such hardened criminals that even on a slight whim, they can kill somebody and won’t hesitate. There are multiple murder cases active against them already, and adding another one to the pile won’t bother them that much. This, in essence, puts Manish Sisodia’s safety and security at considerable risk.

Sisodia was placed under judicial custody until March 20th under the order of a particular Court earlier this week. He was arrested by the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) with alleged irregularities and loopholes in the now-debunked excise policy of the national capital.

In an official statement by the present department, they stated that these allegations about them are false as the under-trial prisoner Manish Sisodia is currently assigned to a segregated ward with his security captain in mind. The ward Manish Sisodia presently resides in is CJ-1, which is known to have a minimum number of inmates who are not gangsters or any criminals of the sort and maintain good conduct within the jail.

Providing him with a separate cell has allowed him to do other activities, such as meditation, without any disturbances. Arrangements have been made per the jail rules to ensure his safety and security are not compromised. Any sorts of assumptions eking made about his current living status are precisely what they are, stated the Jail officials.

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