KCR’s Daughter Being Questioned as Part of Delhi Excise Policy Case

Rao, K Kavitha, is currently being questioned by the enforcement directorate about the Delhi excise policy case. This is the very same case under which ex-minister Manish Sisodiya was arrested.

KCR’s daughter was originally supposed to meet the enforcement directorate on Thursday. But her meeting with the enforcement directorate was postponed until today because she conducted a hunger strike in Delhi on Friday seeking the introduction of the Women’s Reservation Bill within the parliament.

Ministers from the Telangana cabinet have recently been gathering at KCR’s daughter’s residence. Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao and her brother reached Delhi last night along with her mother and in-laws. Several senior ministers and party leaders have expressed their solidarity with the Telangana Chief Minister’s daughter while heading to the nation’s captain. There have been many ministers visiting K Kavitha’s house, a few of which include Education Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy, V Srinivas Goud, the tourism and excise minister, and MP K Keshava Rao of the Rajya Sabha.

The primary focus of the investigation into the excise policy case has been the alleged network of businessmen, middlemen, and politicians, which the central Agencies have dubbed the “South Group.” The enforcement directorate has alleged that the liquor scam was modified in a certain way to benefit the companies of said “South Group,” and Mr. Sisodiya tweaked the policy to benefit them without any consultation.

One of the people believed to have been part of the “South Group” is Miss Kavitha. Her father, popularly known as KCR, or Chandrashekhar Rao, is a massive opposition leader in the center. This has led to the being multiple allegations against the BJP lead center of using the aid of Central agencies to harass the opposition leaders with cases that are false.

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