Immolation of a 20 year old girl : Nation wants to know who is the King of Jungle Raj in Bihar ? questions’ Tejasvi

Though the BJP JDU government in Bihar has been formally constituted with Nitish Kumar sworn in a the fourth term chief minister of Bihar, the issue of immolation of a young poor n hapless girl of minority community is gaining momentum with the Congress, RJD and the left parties allegedly accusing the ruling party of Bihar of initiating no credible action against the culprits and trying to put the matter in cold storage in view of the assembly elections as it would have affected their winning chances. The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and the RJD leader who’ve boycotted the swearing in ceremony of Nitish Kumar as chief minister have posed questions to the chief minister through tweets with regard to the broaday light immolation of the girl of minority community symbolising prevalence of jungle rule in Bihar the accusation being made by them during the campaigning against RJD leader Tejasvi Yadav who was then being projected by the various exit polls n political analyst as the future CM of Bihar. In his tweet Rahul Gandhi questioned , annexing a clipping of a newspaper with the title ( CHUNAV MEIN MAHAAUL KHARAB NA HO JAAI ISLIYE POLICE NE JALA DIYA YUVTI KO JINDA JALA DENE KA MAAMLA) : WHOSE CRIME IS MORE DANGEROUS

The one who had committed this inhuman act


The one who has hidden this for election benefit so as to cover up the maladministration and keep the foundation of false good administration.

Passing a humorous comment ( castigating aspersions) against prime minister Narendra Modi without naming him the RJD chief Tejasvi Yadav in his tweet, asked : Where are those who had come to Bihar from Delhi searching the jungle Raj under the light of LEDs ?

Nation wants to know who is the King of Jungle Raj ? Tweeted Tejasvi Yadav while enclosing Rahul Gandhi’s tweet n the newspaper clipping.

It may be recalled that during the hectic campaigning in Bihar election, the prime minister Narendra Modi had in his speeches allegedly accused Tejasvi Yadav n RJD of jungle Raj in Bihar when his father, the then RJD supremo Laloo Prasad Yadav ruled for 15 years proving to be an incompetent CM with increasing crime graph in Bihar.

It may be recalled that a twenty year old girl Gulnaaz Khatoon of Vaishali district of Bihar was harrased for several days by one Satish Kumar of her village pressurising her to marry her, but she refused being from the Muslim community. On of Satish’s friend also pressurised her to marry Satish if she want to resolve the issue but she flatly refused the proposal. This angered n enrazed them. The girl was badly terrorised making her life a hell. Being poor n hapless supporting her family after the death of her father she n her mother Shauna Khatoon doing sewing to earn for the family even talked to the mother of the culprit Satish but all in vain. While giving her dying declaration to the police before succumbing to her severe burn injuries the victim said that on 30 October at 5 PM while she was going to dispose off the dirt to the nearby Dhalao , Satish and his two friends caught hold of her and sprinkled kerosene burning her. She ran helter n skelter asking for help with but nobody came. Meanwhile after hearing her screams she was immediately taken to the hospital but she died due to severe burn injuries after giving the dying declaration to the police naming all the culprits. Meanwhile the left parties leaders also visited to the bereaved family and consoled them. This horrible incident has sent shock waves all over Bihar after the mother n family members of the deceased had staged a sit in on the road with her dead body urging the police to arrest the culprits n punish them under the stringent sections of the law.

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